Youtube moment, DIMMU BORGIR @ Wacken Open Air 2007, Kassel, Germany.

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Wacken is the biggest metal fest of the year, and in 2007 Dimmu Borgir were one of the headliners!

When watching this video it is very hard not to get that great feeling of being at a show and having the excitement that comes with the live shows of Diummu Borgir. This clip makes you feel that power and massive sound of a metal band at it’s peak, and with the crowd in its palm.

Alright, so Dimmu don’t play Black Metal like in the old days, but goddammit this is fantastic prog metal! Speed, power, vocals and harmonies. It’s magic, people! And listen to Vortex and his boyscouts voice mixed with the drums and the lights. Man….good stuff!

Check it out here:

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