Youtube moment, NIGHTWISH @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland. Last show with Tarja Turunen.

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Cover of "End of An Era"
Cover of End of An Era

Powermetal/ symphonic metal has been a big export from Finland for decades. Back in the early 2000s I had no idea what Nightwish was all about, but I soon realized this was a pretty big deal . Shows in my native Norway were sold out as soon as tickets hit the box offices, and there was a buzz saying this was the ‘new wine’.

This clip shows the band at what I think is their peak, the end of the “Once” world tour in Finlands biggest concert venue, Hartwall Arean in Helsinki. This was Tarja Turunens last ever show with the band, but she was only told that AFTER the show. Talk about ultra bad message to receive. This song is their masterpiece in my mind, with a crazy mix of at least 8-10 musical styles, and a massive finishing 5 minutes with extreme enthusiasm, both from the band and the crowd.

This video is taken from the DVD “End of an Era” and will (in my book) stand as the high point of a band that has a brilliant composer in Tuomas Holopainen, but unfortunately has been plagued by primadona symptoms for the past years.

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