Ticket stub, METALLICA @ Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, September 21st, 1986. Cliff Burtons last day in the UK ever!

Rock Rebel 728 x 90

My 'Metallica 21th September 1986' ticket has some wear and tear to it, I call it 'SOUL'
My ‘Metallica 21st September 1986’ ticket has some wear and tear to it, I call it ‘SOUL’

This ticket is part of my ticket stub collection, and is a cool and neat material memory of thrash metals best and worst year. Why? Well, on the upside: ‘Reign in Blood’ and ‘Master of puppets’ were released, widely claimed to be the best thrash metal records of all time. On the downside: In late September 1986, Metallicas bassist Cliff Burton had only a few days left on this earth. He died in a bus accident in Sweden in the early hours of saturday September the 27th.

6 days earlier he was on stage in London, England in the former cineplex-building at Hammersmith, known as the Hammersmith Odeon.


My precious!
My precious!

I bought this ticket from Stuart in Kent, England. And guess what: He was at the gig himself, and has kept the ticket for all these years. Fantastic! He sold me the ticket as part of a bigger set of old tickets, and I asked him a few questions about this Metallica ticket and its history.
Rock Rebel 728 x 90

Me: Metallica come to London and the Hammersmith Odeon on September the 21st 1986. Do you remember where you bought your ticket?

Stuart: I bought my Ticket from a shop that sold Concert and Theatre tickets in a town near me Sevenoaks in Kent.

Me: Was Metallica a band you’d heard of and listened to, or was it a new band for you when you saw them this autumn in ’86?
Stuart: Metallica were a band I had already heard of. I had the ‘Master of Puppets’ album and the ‘Ride the Lightning’ album already.

Me: Can you remember if the gig was sold out, and approx how many attended?
Stuart: I think it was sold out! I can’t remember off the top of my head how many Hammersmith holds. The capacity was around 3000.

Me: Cliff Burton died just a few days after this gig, when the bandbus had an accident in Sweden. Did you hear of the accident at the time, and did that make the gig more “signinficant” to you?
Stuart: I remember the gig more because of Cliffs death it was quite strange to think I had only just seen him playing.

Me: Did you go to see Metallica in London on other occations, or was this the first and last show you saw?
Stuart: No I never The saw them again never had the chance.

Me: From what I’ve seen (online) thrashlegends Anthrax were the opening act. Can you say something about their performance?
Stuart: Anthrax were fantastic live. As you can see I went to see them more times after that. I remember how big the drumkit was!

Me: The Hammersmith Odeon is a legendary concert venue, today it’s called the Hammersmith Apollo. Do you still attend shows there, or are those days over?
Stuart: Yes I do still see bands there with my partner. My favourite venue! The last one was Black Label Society.

Me: How come you have kept on to this ticket for so long, and why did you sell it at this point in time?
Stuart: I kept the tickets fomemories sake. Now I just thought it was a shame to keep them in the loft until the day I die. Just thought someone else would appreciate them.

Thanks a lot to Stuart, and thanks to YOU for looking! Cheers!

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  1. My precious is an unused Metallica ticket from 27 Sep 1986 in “Saga” Copenhagen. That tells it all.

  2. Oh man thats cool and sad at the same time. They never made it all the way to Copenhagen…..but they returned later, when Jason had joined, didnt they? Early january, Falkoner? Did you go then?

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