METALLICA, Concert poster from the entrance of Solnahallen Stockholm 1986, Master of Puppets tour, last gig for Cliff Burton. Supported by Anthrax.

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Met86Solna2September 26th, 1986: Any Metallica fan knows what this date means. It was the last for Cliff Burton on this earth. He got on the nightliner after the show in Stockholm, and died when it crashed outside Ljungby in the early hours of saturday the 27th on its way to Copenhagen.

I bought this poster from a swede, Erik, that was at the gig. He says this of how he got hold of it:

This poster is the actual one from entrance of the venue Solnahallen, I managed to get one of the staff working at the venue to give me the poster after the concert.

He was foreward thinking, no doubt about that!

Rock Rebel 728 x 90

Metallica had been touring the states with their new album on Elektra Records, Master of Puppets, since late March. Up until August they have mainly supported Ozzy Osbourne on his tour across North America, with a few summer festivals to break it up (Roskilde, Denmark and Saapasjalka, Finland). Now they were 16 days into their European headliner tour, supported by their good friends and co-thrashers from the Bay Area; Anthrax.
September 26th saw the frontrunners of thrash metal drive from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden. Solnahallen was ready and Metallica delivered on stage this autumn friday night. See video:

What happened after the gig is well described in this piece by It was an accident, but still a tragedy for thrash metal. Cliff Burton died while living the dream, only 24 years old.

Police and firemen taking care of the tour bus
Ticket for Anthrax and Metallica, Stockholm, Sept 26th 1986. Photo by
Metallica say their goodbyes to the Stockholm audience in the sportshall Solnahallen. Cliff Burton number 2 from the left.

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  1. If you are interested in selling that poster please let me know, im really interested

    • Hi Kath! I actually sold it some time ago to an american. I kinda regret it but I havent got the room to keep everything so I let it go…

  2. Aww thats too bad! Thank you for your response! Have a great day

  3. Thank you anyway!