Megadeth 2001 – The Fillmore!

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I recently bought a bunch of posters from Wolfgangs Vault, all of them Fillmore posters! One of them was this cool Megadeth poster from 2001, when the band was in some sort of vacuum between the highly sucessful 1990s and the period since 2005 when they gradually picked up the old Megadeth name, got back their logo and started kicking ass again!

Any of you guys who were at this gig?

Wikipedia about The Fillmore Auditorium:

The Fillmore is a historic music venue in San Francisco, California, made famous by Bill Graham. Originally named the Majestic Hall, it became the “Fillmore Auditorium”[1] in 1954 when Charles Sullivan acquired the master lease from the building owner, Harry Shiffs, and renamed it for the neighborhood rather than its original location at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Geary Boulevard. It is situated in the historical center of the Western Addition neighborhood, on the edge of the Fillmore District and Upper Fillmore (lately known as Lower Pacific Heights). From the 1930s through the 1960s, before redevelopment, this location was considered the heart of the San Francisco Fillmore District.