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Hi there! My name is Levi, and I run the Rock & Metal Memorabilia blog.

I live in Norway, a country well known for its many metal acts, and I can’t say anything other than I am a huge fan of all of that 🙂 . I am also a collector of cool rock and metal stuff, mostly unused (and used) concert tickets and the odd signed photo. I will show you my stuff here on the blog, and I hope you will come by now and then to see, learn and teach me about collecting.

Oh, I forget; I am 37 years old, have a wife and children (which listen to DeadMau5!) and a steady income from my job as an economist. So a pretty “out of the box” life there I would say.

Contact me at lbmikalsen@gmail.com! I will also be opening a facebook group for the blog, check that out too!



6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I found your blog helpful. I needed to see a legit Nirvana ticket for my project I did for my english class. Thank you! My concert ticket looks pretty legit!

  2. Do you also collect rock legend stuff? I have 2 Michael Jackson Posters autographed, unframed for sale. Thriller and the belt buckle. Not hardcore but rare and getting rarer. -Rick

  3. I have a stub from the same concert may 13th 1976, but the cost was 1,50…….can you help me with an explanation? Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I see you have an Iron Maiden ticket from the first tour in Feb 1980. I’ve just put one on ebay for the same tour for the gig at Grimsby Central Hall three days later attended by 330 people (including me!). If you are interested see ebay item number 222423758272

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