Hi there! My name is Levi, and I run the Rock & Metal Memorabilia blog.

I live in Norway, a country well known for its many metal acts, and I can’t say anything other than I am a huge fan of all of that 🙂 . I am also a collector of cool rock and metal stuff, mostly unused (and used) concert tickets and the odd signed photo. I will show you my stuff here on the blog, and I hope you will come by now and then to see, learn and teach me about collecting.

Oh, I forget; I am 37 years old, have a wife and children (which listen to DeadMau5!) and a steady income from my job as an economist. So a pretty “out of the box” life there I would say.

Contact me at lbmikalsen@gmail.com! I will also be opening a facebook group for the blog, check that out too!