Turbonegro@ Stahlwerk, Dusseldorf 20.11.1998. Special guest Nashville Pussy

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General: In 1998 Turbonegro were in many ways on top of their game, and at the same time on their way down the drain. Drugs and alchohol were taking its toll on frontman Hank Von Helvete, and combined with his … Continued

Dimmu Borgir – The Black Cities!

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Norwegian Dimmu Borgir ruled metal for many years. What many of you may already know is that the name derives from the volcanic mountain formation Dimmuborgir on Iceland. The icelandic name of this black rock formation means “Black City” or … Continued

Poll – Which ‘Big 4’ album is the best of all time?

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Alright, I was inspired by the little chat the other day about Dave Mustaine. I think about the Big 4 of thrash metal (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) now and then, and it would be interesting to hear your view on … Continued

Dave Mustaine signed poster from Dean Guitars – should I buy it?

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Hi all, Question for you Megadeth fans out there: See this photo, it’s a beauuuuuuuty of a signed poster. I have always wanted a signed Dave Mustaine collectable. I am thinking of buying it, man! What do you guys think, … Continued

METALLICA, Concert poster from the entrance of Solnahallen Stockholm 1986, Master of Puppets tour, last gig for Cliff Burton. Supported by Anthrax.

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September 26th, 1986: Any Metallica fan knows what this date means. It was the last for Cliff Burton on this earth. He got on the nightliner after the show in Stockholm, and died when it crashed outside Ljungby in the early hours of … Continued

Metallica tour dates 1984

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DATE LOCATION VENUE CONTENT 1/21/1984 Valley Stream, NY Rio Theatre Setlist 1/22/1984 Boston, MA Channel Club Setlist 2/3/1984 Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus Setlist 2/5/1984 Milan, Italy Teatro Tenda Setlist 2/7/1984 Nuremburg, Germany Hemmerleinhalle Setlist 2/9/1984 Paris, France Espace Ballard Setlist 2/11/1984 … Continued

Metallica tour dates 1983

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1983 saw Metallica perform 53 times in the USA. The debutalbum “Kill’em all” was released on July 25th 1983, which means it celebrates its 30th birthday this year! Cliff Burton had just joined the band at this point. DATE COUNTRY … Continued

Metallica tour dates 1982

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Collecting Metallica tickets is what it all started with for me, and I will be bringing you a complete set of Metallica tourdates from year one to present. This post deals with the 1982-shows, the very first shows! Metallica did … Continued

Ticket stub, METALLICA @ Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, September 21st, 1986. Cliff Burtons last day in the UK ever!

This ticket is part of my ticket stub collection, and is a cool and neat material memory of thrash metals best and worst year. Why? Well, on the upside: ‘Reign in Blood’ and ‘Master of puppets’ were released, widely claimed … Continued

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