Youtube moment, KEEP OF KALESSIN @ Norwegian grammys, epic metal on national TV!

Keep of Kalessin were outcasts at this point in time, however, at the Norwegian grammys 2008 they put on a hell of show! Since the early 1990s, black metal and all genres vaguely like it have been viewed as the … Continued

Ticket stub, METALLICA@Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 1987 SOLD!

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Just a quick notice regarding my ultra-cool ticket from Metallicas 1987, Master of Puppets tour: A similar ticket was sold @ eBay for almost 200 USD a week ago. Metallica stuff is hot, and visually attractive tickets like this ticket … Continued

Youtube moment, NIGHTWISH @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland. Last show with Tarja Turunen.

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Powermetal/ symphonic metal has been a big export from Finland for decades. Back in the early 2000s I had no idea what Nightwish was all about, but I soon realized this was a pretty big deal . Shows in my … Continued

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