Ticket stub, METALLICA @ Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, January 25th 1987.

This ticket is framed and the photos show some reflection and are, all in all, somewhat poor. Sorry about that. Metallica was always one of my absolute favourite bands of all time. However, I am too young to have actually … Continued

Unused concert ticket, KISS @ Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, May 13th 1976. First KISS-concert in Europe ever!

The unused vintage concert ticket pictured here is a treasured piece of my rock memorabilia collection. It is a ticket for the very first European concert by legendary glam/horror rockers KISS. It took place in Manchester, England in May 1976. … Continued

Signed photo of KERRY KING, guitarist of thrash kings Slayer!

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As I grew up in the late 80s I was completely ignorant to the things who’d been going on in the Bay Area of San Fransisco a few years earlier. The formation and excecution of the thrash revolution had started just … Continued

Ticket stub, NIRVANA @ Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland 1992. Last UK indoor show!

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The show that would prove to be Nirvana’s very last ever indoor show in the UK took place at the Kings Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland on june 22, 1992. The band had released their multi-million seller “Nevermind” in September 1991, and … Continued

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